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Our current workload is such that we can accept a new long-term engagements in North America or be available for short-term  assignments, and support engagements, in North America, Europe, or Japan.

Our team is small and consists of experts hand picked for their knowledge, experience, and international reputation. No team, large or small, can know everything. So, in addition to "what we know,"  we bring to each engagement "who we know." Our contacts both inside and outside Oracle are extensive and allow us to solve problems beyond the scope of most independent consulting practices.
Mission Critical
There are a number of services required by organizations running Oracle databases that don't necessarily fall cleanly into the predefined organization-chart categories of Architect, DBA, or developer. This section highlights those specific areas where I am available to support your team.
  • Key-person Selection
    Every organization, from time-to-time, must hire people with skills not possessed by the current team. How do you interview someone for skills you do not already have? An associate told me that he once had someone say to him: "If I knew what questions to ask you I wouldn't need you." If you are in that position contact us. We have the skills required to help you select the right member for your team.
  • Audit Consulting
    Every organization big enough to implement the Oracle database is big enough that information technology requires audits. These may be financial audits, security audits, performance audits, and other both internal and external. The unfortunate fact is that almost all auditors are incompetent when it comes to Oracle. They have no formal Oracle training and at times dispense advice that is either dangerous or out-of-date. If you need a sanity check on your auditor's advice?
  • Vendor Evaluation
    Too many times the factors that should have been considered in the purchase of products and services happens after the contract is signed. To often decisions are made after viewing projector-ware. We are uniquely qualified to help your team understand the issues, pose the right questions, advise on contract language, and present your organization with alternatives.
  • Expert Witness
    There is more-and-more a need to have available expert witnesses to advise legal counsel on issues relating to database and industry best practices. Our expertise and reputation make us ideally positioned to perform this service.
The Oracle database in 2010 is substantially different from the Oracle database six to ten years ago and very different from database products based on the UC Berkeley Ingres model such as SQL Server. The best way to install, configure, and utilize an Oracle database are, sadly, a foreign language to most enterprise architects that learned Oracle 10-20 years ago.
  • "Best practice" consulting on how to build enterprise solutions
  • Support selecting optimal architectures for Oracle database implementations
  • Support selecting database features best suited for your specific requirements
  • Guidance developing internal "best practice" guidelines
There is possibly no job worse than being a fire fighter. You sit around day after day waiting for something to do. And when that opportunity arises ... it is because of someone else's misfortune: We do not fight fires because we are not on call 7x24x365. Been there ... done that. But we do:
  • Advise and training on fire-fighting techniques so that your team is prepared and self-sufficient
  • Advise and training on high-availability including RAC, ASM, and DataGuard
  • Advise and training on database security
  • Hands-on training in disaster avoidance, backup and recovery, and high availability
SQL and PL/SQL Development
Cursor loops have been obsolete in Oracle during the current millennium. Yet most PL/SQL developers are still writing them, reinventing the wheel, investing substantial efforts into recreating database built-ins they are not aware of, and stubbing their toes, and your budget, on trying to use techniques that worked with gigabytes on far larger terabyte and petabyte databases. To support our clients we provide the following services:
  • Advise and training on coding practices appropriate for your version, your application, your transaction rates, your transaction sizes, and your high availability and security requirements
  • Code reviews in SQL, PL/SQL, and Java
  • One-off coding assignments required to implement or tune specific functionality
  • Expert advice and training on the implementations and deployments with Edition Based Redefinition
To contact us phone +01 206 669 2949 or send us an email.
All members of our team are Oracle ACEs, Oak Table members, or former Oracle employees.
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