Oracle AQ Demo 3
Version 11.1

No, actually what you want is to set the wait parameter to something real rather than dbms_aq.no_wait ... seconds when you dequeue ... see here for an example ... I have a wait of 2 seconds.
 dequeue_options DBMS_AQ.dequeue_options_t;
 no_messages     EXCEPTION;

 PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (no_messages, -25228);
  gv_feed_name := UPPER (subscribername);

  -- this will allow us to identify the tracefile quickly ...
  EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'alter session set tracefile_identifier="' || UPPER(subscribername) || '"';

  gv_identifier := LOWER('stw:' || SUBSTR(gv_feed_name,1,3));
  p('Entered start_feed.');

  dbms_application_info.set_module('XXXX_PKG', gv_identifier || ' feed started.');

  -- Set AQ Options
  -- Changed by Raj ... we should timeout every 2 seconds ...

  p('de-queue timeout set to 2 seconds, complaint threshold is 5 minutes.');
  dequeue_options.WAIT := 2; -- dbms_aq.no_wait;
  dequeue_options.navigation := DBMS_AQ.first_message;
  dequeue_options.dequeue_mode := DBMS_AQ.remove;
  dequeue_options.consumer_name := subscribername;

  p('Awaiting dequeue.');

  WHILE (1 = 1) LOOP
    -- main message retreival
      dbms_aq.dequeue ( 'XXXX.YYYY', dequeue_options, message_properties, dequeue_message, dequeue_message_handle);

      WHEN no_messages THEN
        --this is raised when my code doesn't get any message in 2 seconds ...
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