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The Library is currently in the process of being upgraded from Oracle Database Version to and version 18.0 is going to be available soon. Demos are being upgraded to reflect the new Container paradigm as well as EBR (Edition Based Redefinition) and may contain references to CDBs, PDBs, and other objects you may not be familiar with such as CDB_OBJECTS_AE: Welcome to 12c and beyond.

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DDL Statements
Lock Timeout DDL_LOCK_TIMEOUT(<number_of_seconds>);
conn / as sysdba

set linesize 121
col name format a30
col value format a30

SELECT name, value
FROM gv$parameter
WHERE name LIKE 'ddl_lock%';

-- range is 0 (the default) to 100,000
ALTER SYSTEM SET ddl_lock_timeout=20;
-- or
ALTER SESSION SET ddl_lock_timeout=20;
Lock Timeout Demo conn uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev

SELECT table_name, tablespace_name
FROM user_tables;

Step Session 1 Session 2
1 conn uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev conn uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev
2 desc test1

SELECT * FROM test1;
desc test1

SELECT * FROM test1;
3 LOCK TABLE test1
IN exclusive MODE nowait;
RENAME test1 TO test2;
4 COMMIT; RENAME test1 TO test2;
5   ALTER SYSTEM SET ddl_lock_timeout=60;

SELECT name, value
FROM gv$parameter
WHERE name LIKE 'ddl_lock%';
6 LOCK TABLE test2
IN exclusive MODE nowait;
RENAME test2 TO test3;

ALTER SYSTEM SET ddl_lock_timeout=0;

SELECT name, value
FROM gv$parameter
WHERE name LIKE 'ddl_lock%';

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